One day in 2006, desperate to find someone to support me continue with my education, I went to Karbanet Gardens. Former president Moi had educated my late mum back in the day and I was sure if I got a chance to see him and tell him my story, he would support my education too.

And so I arrived at Kabarnet Gardens, fearlessly approached the GSU Officers at the gate and told them why I needed to see mzee. They made a call to the house, and on the landline I talked to a lady who told me to write to Moi Foundation and request for a sponsorship. I thought that was a long shot, I would never get help.

Cast down I went to a nearby women home care facility and cried my heart out then sought for counseling as I was almost losing it. Felt so hopeless and helpless.

Fast forward, towards the end of that year, by faith I applied to join Catholic University and was admitted. I started classes in January 2007 not knowing where the school fees would come from. I only had a cheque of 10k given to me by a certain church yet the fees that semester was 85k. During that period, a former high school classmate of mine who also happened to be a student there introduced me to a daughter of a close confidant of Moi.

We became close friends and she told me she would talk to the dad about me. Unfortunately by the end of that semester, I could not raise the remaining amount and had to drop out of school. For the first time ever, the thought of ending my life crossed my mind. What was life for anyway if I could not study political science and later work in government or become a player in the political scene? That was my dream and if it was not going to happen, then I was better of….. I told myself.

God gave me strength and I lived through that period. Two years later I got a call from the friend I had met at Catholic University. She told me her dad had managed to get me an appointment with Moi. We traveled to Kabarak, met the former president and amidst tears (I cried like a little girl) I told him what had happened to my life since my mother died and how badly I needed help to go back to school because that was the only hope for me and my kid sister. He gave instructions for the issue to be taken care of. Long story short, God had other plans and things didn’t happen as planned. I was to endure a few more years of uncertainties.

It’s after that that the story of the posho happened, also the story of the US embassy library where I picked and read almost every book I could find on politics and my discovery of Facebook as a tool I could use to address issues pertaining politics and government, that I was so passionate about.
Moving on, I finally got a job in a political party, and as my online influence grew another bigger political party that saw my potential and was willing to offer me an opportunity to be innovative and run serious programs “poached me.”

Long story short, when I finally started settling and could afford school fees, I had to decide who goes to school first between myself and my sister who had just finished high school, because I could not afford to keep us both in school. That was a no brainer, she needed to go to school first. At least for me, I knew my way around. And so she joined university.

About two years later I talked to a friend who I requested to introduce me to a certain cabinet secretary who I believed could help me get scholarship to a certain local college.

My friend said if it’s school I wanted to join, we didn’t need to look for the cabinet secretary as he could support me. He gave me KSh 100k right there and told me to go register for the next month’s intake at the Mount Kenya University which he knew we could afford. I was admitted and the next month I started school. By God’s grace by the third semester, I could manage by myself and didn’t have to depend on anyone for school fees.

Today I graduate and as I look back, I see God’s plan. He wanted to give me a testimony and show me His hand. Despite all the struggles and my seemingly hopeless past, he still got me where I dreamt of being. He is not a respecter of persons and when he comes to bless, he does not look at our past or how qualified we are. His purpose for our lives must be accomplished according to his plan.

I don’t know where you are in life but if your dreams seem impossible at the moment, let this testimony encourage you and just remember there is a God who is not limited by time or by our circumstances. Keep the faith, and keep moving. Soon your situation will catch up with your revelation.

*Anyone who thinks the sky is the limit, has limited imagination*

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