After 10 years of being married to my husband, he literally went behind my back
and started having sexual relations with another woman, a much younger than
me. Joseph, my husband and myself started dating while in college and as soon as
we both graduated, we got married as we were so much in love with one another.

So, it came as a shock to me when he started dating a campus girl. At first, I did
not know about the affair. I thought everything was fine in our marriage until he
started coming home late and stopping to sleep with me. He would not even
touch my food.

I thus started having suspicions about him cheating and it turns out I was right.
This is because I sneaked into his phone one night as he was sleeping and I
managed to read the text messages that he was sending the campus student.

“I can’t wait to see you tomorrow and have sex with you! It will be so much fun,” I
saw one message.
“In fact, very soon, I will marry you as my second wife and we will always be
together. If my wife does not accept you, I will chase her away,” another message

My heart began beating so fast and I sweat profusely. I could not believe that my
own husband was cheating. My first instinct was to go him and confront him but I
decided to first call my mother and tell her I had discovered.

My mother advised to call renowned traditional doctor Kazimoto for his amazing
love spells so that I could salvage my already dying marriage and my husband’s
love for me.

“Call him right now on +254741930918 and he will help you,” my mother told me.
I did not waste a moment and I called the doctor as advised. The daktari was very
kind to me and he cast a love spell to make my husband love me more and hate
the campus girl.

The spell worked super-fast as the next morning, my husband came home and
apologized to me for what he had done. He promised never to cheat again and till
this day, he has never had eyes for any other woman except me.

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