Vocational training to NITA Kenya through full scholarship of learners from different socio-economic and academic backgrounds, prepare them for gainful employment and sustainable livelihoods.
As the economic, cultural and technological changes unfold, the active youth all over the world need to develop knowledge, attitudes, habits, values and skills.

Vocational training is a game changer in the economic growth and development of counties because well-trained and motivated workforce maximizes output to expedite socio-economic development.

Capacity building the youth is a means of empowering individuals to take control of their lives.
Poor people, especially women and children, suffer most from various forms of social and economic deprivation, including hunger and malnutrition, inadequate healthcare, limited access to education, and low self-esteem.

Young unemployed people without any productive usage of their time are easily entrained into crime and violence with the risk being greatest among unemployed youth in conflict or post-conflict areas. Poverty is therefore a threat to national stability and good governance.

Guided by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that aim to significantly reduce the number of people living below the poverty line, improve access to education, promote gender equality, improve maternal and child health, and ensure environmental sustainability, training through NITA plays vital role in eradication of extreme poverty and hunger.

And the key to poverty alleviation is economic growth and the creation of employment for all by ensuring that poor people without employable skills benefit through applicable, appropriate, relevant and sustainable skills.

Homabay County Affirmative Action commits to raising the productive capacity of the poor, the youth and the vulnerable of society through the acquisition of specific job competencies in areas as; plumbing, masonry, tailoring, hairdressing, mechanics, electrical works, PVC fittings, tile fittings, carpentry just to mention but a few since it has been established that productive unemployment and self employment are the best weapons for fighting poverty through tapping of the resources of people and enterprises to contribute to economic dynamism.

445 youths across all the 40 wards have benefited from this initiative with the pioneer group having graduated and taken gainful employment in their areas of expertise.

250 whose studies were interrupted by the breakout of the covid-19 are back in school and are expected to clear the course work before going for practical attachment and trade test ahead of their graduation where certificates, and equipment in area of specialization are issued.

Setting Homabay County on sustainable development path in becoming a model opportunity availing county with fair opportunity to productivity and wealth creation is very much on course.