Parliamentary oversight function is one provided for by the constitution and remains a key pillar of democracy. Oversight by MPs is the primary means for holding the executive accountable for its actions. Oversight also ensures that executive implements policies in accordance with the laws and budget passed by the parliament.

Voters make conscious decisions while electing their oversight agents, ie MPs. Thus, when the same MPs defraud voters and jump into bed with executive, the action undermines not just the constitution but also seriously distorts the all-important doctrine of separation of powers.

When MPs are bought like merchandise in the market, the checks and balances power in the constitution is lost resulting in unlimited tendency towards unchecked corruption, lack of accountability, dictatorship and repression of dissenting voices.

The net loser is not Raila Odinga nor the ODM Party. It is the ordinary citizen who becomes exposed and susceptible to government abuse.

It is tax paying population who will get shagged the entire 5 years!
And there is no such thing as cooperating with national government to deliver development. MPs are ones that debate and have powers to reject or pass the national budget.

And Mr Ruto; joining hands and fostering co-existence does not certainly mean undermining the constitution and poaching MPs. It exposes a dictator in the making.